Chef Sean Munshaw

Sean Munshaw, a culinary professional with roots deep in Reno, NV. Sean’s journey into the culinary world began at the age of 21 when he started as a dishwasher, sparking a lasting fascination with kitchen dynamics and the art of cooking.

Unconventionally trained, Sean worked his way up through diverse kitchens, learning from various Chefs and mentors. His dedication led him to refine his culinary skills, drawing inspiration from global cultures to develop a distinctive cooking style that blends French techniques with flavors from Mexico, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and American BBQ.

Emphasizing quality, consistency, and the core essence of ingredients, Chef Sean has been recognized for his contributions. In 2022, he received a nomination for Best Chef Reno, and his involvement contributed to nominations for Best Restaurant and Best Brunch in the same year.

Beyond the kitchen, Sean cherishes time with his family. He’s also a proponent of cold exposure, finding balance and focus through routine cold plunges, benefiting his mind, body, and soul.

Joining the Renaissance Downtown Reno Hotel as a Sous Chef in 2017, Sean played a significant role in elevating the hotel’s culinary offerings. With a dedicated focus, he aimed to make the hotel a culinary destination within Reno. Under his guidance, the culinary department flourished, delivering exceptional food and beverage experiences to every guest.