Cooking Class Series

with Executive Chef Sean Munshaw

First Class: Flavor Structure and Recipe Development

Saturday, March 9th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

In this class we will focus on what flavor is and how it relates to taste and develops across one’s palate. We will explore the different components of taste and the components of flavor for the purpose of creating balanced recipes as components of a final dish which plays on multiple flavor profiles yet remains balanced. The class will consist of coffee and pastry reception accompanied by lecture on Flavor, hands on creation of two sub recipes with the chef, creation of final dish composed of these recipes combined with other elements, lunch with the food created by you, and then a final dessert course created in the class using the lessons from the day. These will all be accompanied with drink pairings and how to compliment the food through beverage selection.

$325 per person.

For questions, email, or call the Shore Room at (775) 321-5831